World-Class Fishing


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Venezuela just gotta be one of the most exciting sports fishing countries in the world. The land itself sprawls from the northern Amazon across the cool rivers of the Andes to the coral reefs of the Caribbean, and regardles if your favourite fishing consists of heavy marlin, speedy bonefish, high-jumping tarpon, sabre-toothed payara or explosive pavón, Venezuela just got it. It won't take long for you to forget about the domestic pike and sea trout.

Starting at the gigantic Lake guri, second largest man-made lake in the world, the main target is the peacock bass (= pavón). Here, amone thousands of drowned rain forest trees, the largest cichlid of the world reaches weights of almost 10 kg, and caught on surface poppers, it's hard to find a more exciting sport. Spinning is normally the best, however, fly fishing is by no means impossible..

In the north, in the even larger Laguna De Tacarigua, one may find the best stock of baby tarpon anywhere in the world. The 100 pound fish of florida are rare, however, the concentration of small tarpon between 1 and 15-20 kg is quite fantastic. On spin or fly, you may hook more than 50 fish a day, although you may lose all of them during the fight! Hooking a fish is easy - getting it into the boat is bloody difficult.


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Last stop is the lovelu Río Caura, in the middle of the central Venezuela. Among jaguars and hornbills, the king of the river is the impressive payara, the swimming equivalent of Count Dracula of Transylvania. With its enormous lower-jaw fangs, the payara is able to hold any bait fish - and toperforate any plug beyond recognition. Like the tarpon, lots of strikes don't mean fish in the boat, but it certainly means great action.

Apart from the payara, the small jungle ponds contain lots of strange fish, such as vicious piranha, funny guavinas and electric eels. A foul-hooked eel turned out to measure 165 cms and weighed 8 kgs! Not a bad eel.


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