The Caribbean Islands - tips

In short Lots of romantic islands and part-time home to Lord Nelson as well as a number of famous pirates. The Lesser Antilles, from Trinidad to Puerto Rico are nothing but a bunch of volcanic islands, however, both the beautiful, palm-fringed beaches and the lazy Black culture are certainly worth visiting.

Despite the fact that most of the islands make a living entirely from tourism, the friendliness of the locals is quite amazing. Unlike many other tourist destinations, excessive tourism has not damaged the Caribbean friendliness, and going there just to enjoy the locals is not a bad idea. Just stay away from the cruise ship destinations during "rush hours".

With regards to nature, the rain forest of central Dominica and Tobago are probably the best bets, and if beaches are the thing, anywhere will do. With very few exceptions, the Caribbean Islands are not a place to for history buffs. Very little remains from the pre-colonial age, but towns like Roseau (Dominica) and Basseterre (St. Kitts & Nevis) and (technically in South America) Georgetown (Guyana) and Paramaribo (Suriname) show a great display of old, wooden buildings in various states of decay. The most impressive buildings, however, must be The Brimstone Castle of St. Kitts with Nelsons Harbour (Antigua) as a solid second.

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Places to avoid As the Pacific, there are no serious drawbacks. At least not in the smaller islands where the crime level is extremely low. Larger, Black towns, such as Port of Spain (Trinidad) and Georgetown (Guyana), got some very bad reputations, though and should be avoided after dark.
Seasons The Lesser Antilles all lie north of Equator, so the main season is the European winter, from November to May.
Do's and don'ts Not really. Travelling in The Caribbean is as easy as anything. Unlike the islamic countries, it's amazingly hard to insult anyone by the wrong dress code.
Visa With Suriname as the exception, no visas are needed for Europeans anywhere. The Caribbean Islands rely so much on tourism, that it's very easy to be a Western tourist, and they don't even bother to stamp you out of the countries!
Value for money Mid-range. The Caribbean doesn't come cheap, and count on at least 50 USD per day each. If you want to lower the costs, camping is possible, however, even in winter it's so hot that sleeping in a tent is not that funny.

Not really.


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