Slide Shows

Colourful and professional slide shows from almost anywhere



If you like colourful and interesting photos from all over the world, accompanied by exotic stories and strange tales, I can supply slide shows dealing with some of my most interesting traveling experiences.

My destinations are usually far away from the mainstream tourist destinations (or at least "made in a different way"). My shows include Tibet, India, Northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal, Bolivia, Peru, The Falkland islands, Easter Island, The Pacific Bounty-lands, South East Asia, the Middle East, ex-Soviet Central Asia and lots more. A more detailed description of the single shows is found by clicking here, however, for the time being, you'll have to do with the Danish edition.

Apart from traveling, the keen angler will be able to enjoy my angling experiences from Southern Africa, Central America, Brazil, British Columbia, Alaska, Cape Verde, New Zealand, India, Venezuela, Kosovo, Thailand and lots of other exciting destinations. To the left, you'll find more information in English.

Most of the shows contain an exotic mixture of nature, culture and "strange" people (and a few fish, if possible), and depending on the type of show, each of them contain in between 200 and 400 photos. Regardless the topic, the quality of my slides as well as the presentation are highly professional, and dependent upon the quantity of curious questions, each slide show lasts in between 90 and 120 minutes.

With regards to the vocal presentation, my mother tongue is Danish, however, if you want it, I can easily do the presentation in English instead. In theory, French, Spanish and German are possible too, but don't expect any miracles in Russian, Bahasa Indonesia or Swahili. Regardless the language, I try to make the slide shows as entertaining, intensive, humoristic and informative as possible. Ideally, travellers tales should be told in a way that budding travellers want to leave for the destination at once, while non-travellers feel that they have already been there.


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