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Angling contains such an element of luck that records tend to be a bit silly. Nevertheless, there are lots of people who pay very much attention to the statistics, so for inspiration you'll find my severely shortened, far from being complete list below.

Due to my traveling, I have caught around 400 different species of which I know the names of less than half. Furthermore, only a minority of the species are "big ones". Just like in Europe, most of the foreign species are "small" fish, however, with the appropriate tackle, even tiny trout of Yugoslavian Macedonia or the mini-barbel of Tibet become a fun sport.

Despite the personal pride of having a huge record list, never forget WHY you're an angler. Hopefully, not only to catch a record specimen.



Species Kgs Date Place / country
Copper shark 75 March 1998 Swakobmund; Namibia.
Caught straight off the beach!
Spotted gully shark 20 Oct. 2010 Swakobmund; Namibia.
Caught straight off the beach!
Tarpon 35 May 1995 Barra del Colorado; Costa Rica
Stingray 20+ February 2008 Nevis Island; St. Kitts & Nevis
Caught straight off the beach
Tarpon (fly fishing) 5 March 2006 Laguna de Tacarigua; Venezuela
Sailfish, Pacific 55 Aug. 1990 The Pacific, Playa del Coco;
Costa Rica
Sailfish, Pacific 42 June 2002 The Pacific; New Zealand
Caught on 20 pound tackle and a hook size 2/0 from a 15 foot dinghy!
Sailfish, Atlantic 22 Oct. 1990 The Carribbean, La Guaira; Venezuela
Dorado (dolphinfish) 10.0 June 2002 The Pacific, Niue; New Zealand
Skipjack tuna 7.6 June 2002 The Pacific, Niue; New Zealand
Bonito ("kavakava") 3 May 2002 The Pacific; Tonga
Yellowfin tuna 36 Nov. 2005 Indian Ocean / Muscat; Oman
Jack crevalle 6.5 March 1993 Barra del Colorado; Costa Rica
Giant trevally 5.5 June 2002 The Pacific; Fiji
Bluefin trevally 5 July 2015 Pulau Biak; Indonesia
Wahoo 12 April 1997 Isla de Fogo; Cape Verde
Walo 7.0 July 2002 The Pacific; Fiji
Bonefish (fly) 2.5 February 2011 Cayo Romano; Cuba
Bonefish (bait) < 1 April 1995 Isla de Maiz; Nicaragua
Barracuda 11 Jan. 2000 The Atlantic; The Gambia
Bluefish 6 Nov. 2005 Ras Madrakah, Indian Ocean; Oman
Mahseer, golden 20.5 Feb. 1994 Kaveri­floden, Karnataka; India
Mahseer, Himalayan 8 Oct. 2006 Ramganga River; Uttaranchal; Indien
Mahseer, black 1 Oct. 2006 Ramganga River; Uttaranchal; Indien
Giant Mekong catfish 22 Feb. 2014 Bo Sang Lake, Chiang Mai; Thailand
Sturgeon, white 100-120 Oct. 2004 Fraser River; Canada
Smallmouth bass 1 Feb. 1998 Ohrigstad Pond; South Africa
Largemouth bass Oct. 2010 Von Bach Dam; Namibia
Chinnok /
Quinnat salmon
4.5 March 2002 Lake Mapourika; New Zealand
Coho salmon 6 Sept. 2004 Buskin River; Kodiak, Alaska; USA
Pink salmon 2 Sept. 2004 Buskin River; Kodiak Alaska; USA
Chum salmon 5.5 Oct. 2004 Harrison River; Canada
Dolly Varden 0.5 Oct. 2004 Toad River; Canada
Rainbow trout 6 April 2002 Tekapo Hydro Canal; New Zealand
Rainbow trout
(fly fishing)
3 July 2003 Klokot River; Bosnia-Hercegovina
Radika trout 0.6 Sept. 2000 Radika River; Machedonia
Brook trout 1.3 Nov. 2001 Lago Yelcho; Chile
Tigerfish 2.05 Feb. 1998 Zambezi River, Deka Drum; Zimbabwe
Toman (snakeheadfish) 4.4 May 1999 Lake Kenyir; Malaysia
Piranha, black 2.0 March 1990 Upper Orinoco; Venezuela
Piranha, red-bellied 1.0 Sept. 1996 Río Miranda, Pantanal; Brazil
Piranha, silver 1 March 1990 Orinoco, Puerto Ayacucho; Venezuela
Pavón (peacock bass) 4 March 2006 Lake Guri; Venezuela
Pavón (fly fishing) 3 March 2006 Lake Guri; Venezuela
Tigrito (speckled pavón) 4 March 2006 Lake Guri; Venezuela
Payara 5 April 2006 Rio Caura; Venezuela
Electric Eel (!) 8 April 2006 Jungle pond, Rio Caura; Venezuela (165 cm)
Pacú 3 Sept.1996 Río Miranda, Pantanal; Brasilien
Machaca 1.5 Feb. 1993 Río San Juan, El Castillo; Nicaragua
Moharra, red 0.75 Feb. 1993 Tortuguero; Costa Rica
Moharra, black 1.0 July 1990 Río Colorado; Costa Rica
Guapote 1 July 1990 Lago Arenal; Costa Rica
Carp 15.5 July 1991 Storedam, Perstorp; Sweden
Tench 2.85 June 1994 Donse Dam, Sealand; Denmark
Crucian carp 2.25 Sept. 2000 Small lake, Sealand; Denmark
Roach 1.150 Aug. 1980 Kolindsund Northern Canal, Jutland; Denmark
Rudd 1.475 July 1989 Lake at Haderslev, Jutland; Denmark
Danish ex-record
Bream 2.65 June 1995 River Guden, Gl. Rye; Denmark
Pike 10.0 Nov. 1982 Donse Dam, Sealand; Denmark
Pike-perch 5.5 April 1996 Lake Bagsværd, Sealand; Denmark
Perch 1.35 March 1987 Tiny brook, Vordingborg, Sealand; Denmark
Salmon, Atlantic 9.5 March 2004 Trolling, The Baltic Sea at Gudhjem,
Bornholm, Denmark
Salmon, Atlantic (sweetwater) 5 Sept. 2013 Skjern River, Denmark
Sweetwater turtle(!) 2.0 Aug. 1995 Lake Døj, Skanderborg, Jutland; Denmark


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