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Through most of my adult life as a world traveller, my most trusty companion has been the camera. Quite frankly, our world contains such an overload of beautiful pictures that I find it very hard not to try to capture the pulse of the world, and, consequently, my photo archive contains some of the most beautiful and exotic photos to be found in Europe.

The majority of my way more than 100,000 professional quality photos have been shot in The Third World, and, as I have always preferred to spend my time off the beaten track, most of my motives have been captured far away from the tourist hordes. My well-stocked collection contains loads of nature, mountains and wild animals (in particular fish!), however, at present most of my efforts are directed into the impossible task of “shooting” a tiny fraction of the people of the World. We’ve got 7 billion faces on earth, and all of them have got a beautiful story to tell.

Geographically, my favourite "target" is Asia (in particular India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, ex-Soviet Central Asia and South East Asia), however, neither West, East nor Southern Africa have escaped my attention, and Latin America and parts of the Middle East are well represented as well. On the other hand, most of my travelling in Europe are so far out of date that I prefer not to get involved here. Still, I’ve been travelling through way more than 150 different countries and 20 overseas territories - and more are to come.

Technically, the older shots have been taken with a Nikon F-100 and a Fujichrome Velvia 50 or Provia 100, whereafter the photos have been scanned with a Nikon CoolScan V at a standard resolution of 6000 times 4000 pixels. During the last 10 years, the digital world has caught up with me, first with the help of a Nikon D-70 and, later, with a D-90. It just so much easier, although I still prefer the beauty of a well-exposed colour slide. Comfort and low weight has won the battle :-)

Until now, my photos have been published in, among others, the following media: Politiken (DK), Jyllandsposten (DK), Adventure World (DK), Columbus (DK), Fisk & Fri (DK), Skakbladet (DK), Naturens Verden (DK), Schacknytt (Sweden), Tidsskrift För Schack (Sweden), Alt om Fiske (Norway), Fiskejournalen (Sweden), Carphunters (DK), Asian Anglers World (Singapore), Fisch & Fang (Germany), Die Zeit (Germany), Blackbook Magazine (USA), FishBase (Philippines), Te Papa (the national museum of New Zealand), British Museum (UK), National Geographic Chnnel, and a bunch of books and brochures, innumerable web-sites and, of course, in my own Backpacker.

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