Photo Samples, Tibet


During the long lost time of independence, Tibet used to be the "highest" country of the world. Sadly, more than 50 years of Chinese occupation has ended that, but the (still) predominantely Buddhist region is still a great place for interprid explores and photographers.

As usual, all photos are, of course © Claus Qvist Jessen, and none of them are to be used without my permission.

kailash-prayer-flags.jpg (55551 bytes)

Prayer flags. All over Tibet, the flickering prayer flags send the holy words of the donors up to the high powers of the gods and deities. Here in West tibet, close to Mount Kailash. © Claus Qvist Jessen

kailash.jpg (42929 bytes)

The most sacred mountain in the world: Mount Kailash (Karinpoche). According to Buddhist legends more than 80,000 kms high, and on the top, a certain deity is sitting, doing his meditation. For the Hindus, Kailash is sacred as it's the home of mighty Shiva, and even the Jains and Böns regard the mountain as special.
© Claus Qvist Jessen

tibet-truck.jpg (38544 bytes)

Military truck in between Yecheng and Ali in West Tibet.
© Claus Qvist Jessen

drira-phuk-kitchen.jpg (46656 bytes)

The warm and primitive kitchen of the Drira Phuk Gompa (Kailash) is kept running by using dried yak dungd as fuel. © Claus Qvist Jessen

drira-phuk-monk.jpg (65483 bytes)

Goodbye my friend. Monk at Drira Phuk Gompa at the north side of Kailash. © Claus Qvist Jessen

drira-phuk-pilgrim.jpg (49547 bytes)

Pilgrim at the Drira Phuk Monastery, north of Mount Kailash.
© Claus Qvist Jessen

tibet-oil-lamps.jpg (32533 bytes)

Adding oil to burning candles greatly improves your karma. Drepung Gompa, Lhasa region. © Claus Qvist Jessen

prayer-wheels.jpg (50305 bytes)

Prayer wheels at the Drepung Gompa, Lhasa, Tibet. For every turn of the wheel, prayers are sent upwards to the deities, improving your karma and increasing the chances of an improved rebirth. © Claus Qvist Jessen

potala.jpg (35641 bytes)

The former winter palace of the Dalai Lama: Potala. These days Potala is more like an empty shell, but still an important pilgrimage site for the Tibetans. © Claus Qvist Jessen

jowo-sakyamuni.jpg (66777 bytes)

The most sacred Buddha in all of Tibet: The magnificent, 1300 year old Jowo Sakyamuni, still found in the very centre of the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. © Claus Qvist Jessen

jokhang-music.jpg (35311 bytes)

Let's play! Buddhist monks at the Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, doing their traditional music to please the supreme powers. © Claus Qvist Jessen

jokhang-lamps.jpg (61256 bytes)

Adding oil to the burning lamps at the Jokhang Temple, Lhasa. A great way of improving your karma and thereby your afterlife.
© Claus Qvist Jessen

buddha-nun.jpg (42297 bytes)

Buddhist Nun putting together a new Buddha figure. Jokhang, Lhasa. © Claus Qvist Jessen

tibet-flower-power.jpg (74122 bytes)

Tibetan flower-power. Local woman outside the Jokhang Temple, Lhasa. In particular, the use of turqoise stones has spread throughout most of Asia. © Claus Qvist Jessen

rongbuk-gompa.jpg (38760 bytes)

Rongbuk Gompa, just a few kms away from Everest (Chomolungma = the mother godess) in the background. © Claus Qvist Jessen

tibet-girl.jpg (44295 bytes)

Very dirty little girl. How dirty can you actually get wthin a four year life-span? Zommug village, Everest Region. © Claus Qvist Jessen

tibet-worker.jpg (36368 bytes)

Tibetan farmer, Zommug Village, just a few miles north of Chomolungma, the mighty Mount Everest. © Claus Qvist Jessen

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button12.jpg (5359 bytes)