Photo Samples, Iran


Due to the Islamic Revoution and the fanatic speeches of Ayatollah Khomeiny and the present president Ahmedinejad, most westerners regard Iran as a definitive no-go place. Fundamentalistic and dangerous and not at all friendly, however, the reality is the opposite. Iran is a fantastic country and well worth a vist, partly for the sights, but just as much due to the friendly and hospitable population. Being a member of the Axis of Evil doesn't seem to harm the hospitality of the people.

All photos are, of course Claus Qvist Jessen, and none of them are to be used without my permission.

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One of the holiest sites in Iran is the Mausoleum of Sayyed Mir Ahmad. He was the brother of the Eight Imam, Imam Reza, who is buried in Mashhad, NE Iran. Claus Qvist Jessen

Young woman enjoying a shisha in the garden of Hafez; Shiraz.
Claus Qvist Jessen

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By far, the most fantastic mosque of all Iran is the Iman Khomeiny Mosque in Esfahan - formerly named Mashid-e-Shah. Built by Shah Abbas II in the early 17th Century, this must be the most beautiful blue-tied building on Earth, including all of Uzbekistan. Claus Qvist Jessen

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Worshipper inside the Iman Khomeiny Mosque in Esfahan. Claus Qvist Jessen

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Detail from the inside of the Iman Khomeiny Mosque in Esfahan.
Claus Qvist Jessen

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Khaju Bridge, one of several nice bridges across the river in Esfahan and a great place to enjoy a cup of chai. Claus Qvist Jessen

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The supreme Father of Iran, His Holiness Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeiny. Despite being hated in the West, he is probably the most popular figure in Iran - ever. Claus Qvist Jessen

Blue-tiled mausoleum in Yazd. Claus Qvist Jessen

Iranian air-condition, meant to lead the cool air down through the towers. It actually works! Claus Qvist Jessen


Despite common beleif, Shia Islam actually permits pictures of the holy men, including Imam Hussein (left) and (surprise!) The Prophet Mohammed (right). For some reason, it's regarded as  v ery bad when a Westerner makes a cartoon of the same Prophet; just look at the Mohammed Crisis in 2005-06. Claus Qvist Jessen

Cooking a common meal during Moharram, the holy month where the Shias mourn the loss of Imam Hussein. Claus Qvist Jessen

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Arab man at the Friday Mosque; Yazd. Claus Qvist Jessen

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The merhab pointing to Mecca, here from the Friday Mosque; Yazd.
Claus Qvist Jessen


Another couple of shishas; Bandar-e-Abbas at the Persian Gulf.
Claus Qvist Jessen

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The red-mud village of Abomey, Central Iran. Claus Qvist Jessen

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Persepolis is definitely one of the most magnificent sights of Iran. Built 2,500 years ago, Persepolis had it's heyday until Alexander looted it in the 3rd Century BC. Claus Qvist Jessen

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In Minab, 150 kms east of Bandar-e-Abbas, the women follow an ancient tradition and wear some "funny" masks. Unlike common beleif, this has nothing to do with Islam, but is just a matter of "make-up". Claus Qvist Jessen

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