Photo Samples, Afghanistan


For decades, Afghanistan has been a virtually closed country - at least for others than Jihad warriors, all to eager to defend their "peaceful" beleifs towards the bad infidels. However, to the occasional and adventurous visitor who happens to survive this magnificent country, Afghanistan is just as photogenic as India, and it's hard not to go berserk with the camera. The markets are as colourful as anywhere in Central Asia, and the people as proud ans strong as anywhere in Iran or Pakistan. Just a pity that Afghanistan isn't going to be peaceful for some time to come.

As always, all photos (and much more) are   Claus Qvist Jessen, however, they may be ordered with me if you need any.

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The center of Herat is the magnificent Govar Shad Mosque, built in the early 15th century and still a fantastic piece of artwork. Govar Shad was married to Shah Rukh, the eldest son of Timur of Samar-kand, and the similarity in design with the Central Asian buildings is no coincidence. Herat, north-western Afghanistan.  Claus Qvist Jessen

Same mosque, different angle; Govar Shad, Herat, Afghanistan.  Claus Qvist Jessen

Taking a deserved rest in one of the facade portals; Govar Shad Mosque, Herat, Afghanistan.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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A beautiful detail from the Govar Shad Mosque; Herat, north-western Afghanistan.   Claus Qvist Jessen

All over the Muslim world, face, hands and feet are washed prior to the prayer. Here in central Herat, north-western Afghanistan.  Claus Qvist Jessen

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Reading the religious scriptures is a must for everybody in Afghanistan, including this small girl from a Quran school in Herat.   Claus Qvist Jessen

The old town of Herat is almost exclusively made of clay-houses. Very peaceful and very photogenic when the blue-clad burqa-women scurry around to do their things.   Claus Qvist Jessen

Muslim elder counting his prayers in the old town of Herat.  Claus Qvist Jessen

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Womens lib never really got far in Afghanistan, and it's no coincidence that the Taliban managed to gain power in this strictly Muslim country. This female merchant in Herat wears the typical "burqa" dress.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Four women and a few kids on a horse cart in Herat, north-western Afghanistan. It's not that easy to see what's up and down :-)   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Muslim women are traditionally hard to photograph, but the task gets much easier if you ask to take a shot of their kids; Herat, Afghanistan.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Very few Afghan women ever drop their veil, the exception being the older and less sexy generation; Herat, Afghanistan.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Afghan hospitality is closely centered around tea - chai, and, for the stranger, it's sometimes hard work to pay for your own tea; Herat, north-western Afghanistan.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Afghanistan is full of second-hand vehicles, such as this one from a Danish company (JyskSengetoej!) dealing with bed-linen!  Claus Qvist Jessen

This one is not going to die from flat tires!   Claus Qvist Jessen

Local worker drinking chai; Herat.   Claus Qvist Jessen

Local worker drinking chai; Herat.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Carrying the fodder for the sheep. Gozara Village, 30 kms south of Herat.   Claus Qvist Jessen

Gozara farmer building a muddy fence - and proudly sitting on top of it.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Countryside landscape, Jam region, central Afghanistan.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Smoking the shisha in a small village tea-house. Central Afghanistan.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Feeling sorry?! Small girl at Jam Village, central Afghanistan.
  Claus Qvist Jessen

Shy little girl from Jam Village.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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Built in the 12th century AD, the 60+ meter Minar-e-Jam is the second tallest free-standing minaret in the world. No mosque was ever built close to this remote minaret.   Claus Qvist Jessen

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There is always a chance of doing some fishing, even in the very centre of Afghanistan. I didn't get anything but managed to make friends with this magnificent warrior, proudly posing with his own weapon (left) and mine (right).   Claus Qvist Jessen


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