Useful links in cyber-space

Travellers Guild

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By far, the most active Danish forum for travellers. A very attractive meeting place for people with plane tickets in the spine and hiking boots in the blood. Through the club, members are diverted with lots of interesting slide shows, even more discussions and tips and, of course, "Globen", the best club magazine in Denmark. Contact to the club can be arranged through their web-site or through me.

Café Globen

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A brand new Copenhagen café, run by a number of members of The Travellers Guild. Not surprising, this café will focus on travel life, and at least once a week slide shows are given by club members, however, as some travel agencies use the café as well, there is a risk of scheduled slide shows several days of the week. Other arrangements may include music and food, however, to be safe check the calender of the café.

Visa Rules Information regarding the visa requirements for Danish citizens going anywhere, Essential for planning, however, for travelling in politically sensitive countries or regions, all information should be double-checked.

Embassy List The Copengahen Diplomatic List. The list of all embassies and consulates in Copenhagen, and, if necessary, the nearest other embassy in the neighbouring countries. Very useful for collecting visa.

Fish-Base Filippine non-profit data base containing an amazing array of (almost) all the fish species in the whole world. Very informative, even though you're not the slightest involved in fishing yourself, or just  identification of scaly creatures. To enjoy some of my own shots, check their photographic hit list showing some of the most beautiful fish photos in the world.

Dansk Bjergklub "Danish Mountaineers Association". Club for energetic people with a soft spot for challenging the laws of gravity.

Virtual Tourist Web-site serving as a meeting place for travellers anywhere. In addition, you can build your own web-site and pass on information to others, and of course search the other pages for useful information. Great for getting friends anywhere.

Geoff Anderson All-weather clothing company making products designed in Denmark. Geoff A. is a very competitive alternative to the better known fashion brands, however, while North Face jackets are made for people who definitely wants to be seen, the Geoff Anderson stuff is made for people who prefer to stay invisible while being in the nature.

Wasteels Travel Belgian owned travel agency, specialized in tickets for the young and beautiful - preferably within Europe and USA. Got some of the cheapest deals within Europe, combined with excellent service. Not a bad combination!

Adventurers Club A legendary guild, originally founded in 1938 by polar explorer Peter Freuchen. Hard (impossible!) to get close to, unless you know "someone". Not very informative, but very inspiring.

Fisk & Fri The leading Danish angling magazine, sometimes suffering badly from my own writings from all over the world. On the domestic side, the magazine has specialized into sea-trout and (sigh) put & take rainbow trout.

Fiskejournalen Swedish angling magazine, a bit like Fisk & Fri, but less focused on trout and much more on zander, pike and other not-so-noble fish species.

Turen Går Til The web edition of the popular "Turen Går Til" books from Politiken. In my opinion, the web site is "wider" and better suited for the backpacker than the printed books, perhaps because even I once in a while supply a couple of their articles!

Opdag Verden /
Adventure World
Danish adventure magazine, containing articles from any possible corner of the world - preferably including a lot of action sports. Originally started off as "Adventure World" and later changed its name to "Opdag Verden" (= "Discover the World"), however, they have maintained the same staff and visual appearance.

Peacock Bass
American run organisation with the sole aim of providing information on the famed and exciting peacock bass (pavón, tucunare) of South America. Run by Larry Larsen, a very friendly, second-generation Danish-American based in Florida.

Ken Rockwell Excellent and very inspiring photo site made by a professional photographer. Best if you are a Canon or Nikon freak.

(Kenth Esbensen)
Web-site for people who just doesn't know how to quit carp fishing. Contains an amazingly large data base of previously secret lakes and ponds as well as lots of photos from a recently discovered passion: Orchids!

(Johnny Jensen)
Photographic site very likely to contain the biggest Danish data base of fish photos, many of these taken underwater. Good for species determination as well.

Rasmus Krath Danish adventurer and traveller from Aarhus, Jutland, and one of the very few professional slide show artists in the country - perhaps because he's very good at it.

Farum Angling Club Very active angling club north of Copenhagen. Affiliated to Fiskeringen 1970, giving it's members access to a large number of lakes, rivers and boats, all over Denmark.

NS 48 The best and most active sports fishing club at South Sealand, and my former homeground. As Farum, affiliated to Fiskeringen 1970.

Angling Club
Club based in the center of Jutland, possessing some great opportunities (if you are into zander, pike and bream) and arranging plenty of activities of which many are open to non-members.