Confessions of a Travel Maniac



Born in 1960 and educated as a chemical engineer and PhD in electrochemistry and alloy deposition, and in addition to the scientific career very active as writer, photographer, lecturer, cartoonist, player of various funny board games (such as chess, othello and backgammon), electric bass player, novice golfer and a very eager sportsfisherman. On the engineering level, I have produced a number of articles on stainless steel, and five books on the topic, including the reference works "Stainless Steel and Corrosion" and "Stainless Steel for Hygienic Design in Food/Pharma". Check HERE. Privately, happily married to Annette and an equally happy father of 20-year-old Ulrik and 12-year-old Simon.

For the past 25+ years, the single factor playing the biggest role in my life is travelling. Usually, I prefer to spend my time in Third World Countries, preferably with a minimum of money and a maximum of time, combined with a unstoppable urge to share the secrets of the world together with the locals, rather than splashing out on a tourist beach. This combination has filled my with loads of strange experiences in places where tourists usually never get go, easily qualifying me as a member of the "Travellers Guild of Denmark", a national forum for severely addicted travellers. There, I have the honour of being the only one to be awarded a prize for "best slide show", and in 2000, I was the very first receiver of the honorable "Folkersen Price", given annually as an appreceation of "particularly crazy traveling".

Unfortunately, the restless life as freedom seeking backpacker is very habit-forming, and, back in 97, I quit my job and career as a chemical engineer and decided to devote myself entirely to the noble art of travelling. Until now, I've been walking, hiking, bussing, climbing, sailing, playing and fishing my way through more than 173 different countries on six continents, frequently to places with high mountains, virgin tribes or beautiful rivers with colourful fish to be caught. Always equipped with tent, fishing rods and loads of time as, rather than money. Time is the single most important factor while travelling, and I don't really believe in the ones who insist that two days in a fantastic country is enough to "experience it". Perhaps it's good for you "country count", but not for much else.

In the meantime, I've returned to the business as a chemical engineer, however, I still use much more time abroad than most other people ever get to dream about. There is really no medication for being a travel maniac, and I don't want any!

Currently (and hopefully for a long time to come), I'm employed with the German owned stainless steel company, Damatahl, and have just completed the, probably, most extensive book ever written on stainless steel in Danish. Unlike most other books on the topic, this one - named Stainless Steel and Corrosion - is not made for engineers but rather for skilled craftsmen with a unstoppable urge to learn more about stainless steel. Check for yourself here. Before that one, I contributed to three other books about the topic back in the 90'ies.

Some of my travelling experiences, with or without fishing rods, have been transformed into articles and photos, published in various Danish and foreign magazines. In June 2000, together with fellow angler and backpacker, Jens Bursell, the travel book "Backpacker" was published, and hopefully my second book, "Verdensfisker", will be published in a year or two. The Danish details on both books are found by clicking at the links at the left.

Finally, I have appeared in a number of TV programs (travelling and fishing) on Danish National Television, plus a couple of times on direct radio broadcast. The latest time was Oct. 2016 during the so-called Cultural Night in Copenhagen. The whole interview lasts 15 minutes and is found HERE; jump to approximately 20:05. Sorry, it's in Danish.

On writing, I have been portrayed as "hopeless traveller" in more than 20 Danish and German newspapers (1998). In June 2014, I was portrayed as the ultimate travel maniac in the magazine "Rust", the university magazine of a large Danish university (Syddansk Universitet). The article (in Danish) is here: At-leve-for-at-rejse.pdf.


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