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Sorry, due to unecpected business, only one of my brochures exist in English right now. In a short while, the other ones will be written in English as well:

  Slide Shows on Travelling A brochure displaying a minor selection of my numerous slide shows on travelling, backpacking and such. Further information is found HERE; lots of photographic inspiration is found HERE.
  Rejseforedrag Danish edition of the same as above.
  North Korea Danish-language introduction to the strangest country on the Planet. North Korea hardly needs any further introduction as the regime does whatever tey can to swim against any sensible current. The result is an increasingly aggresive Third World Country with an ideology not shared by any other country. North Korea belongs to a completely different solar system.
  Backpacking for Beginners Danish-language appetizer to the slide show "Backpacking for Beginners" (see Slide Shows). Highly recommende to schools and other places where people possess a nice habit of mixing the European life with a number of months abroad. Further information is found HERE.
  Sports Fishing Brochure dealing with my "fishy" shows. Not surprisingly, my homeground is the multitude of foreign waters, while I'm not the right one to consult if you want a show on Danish sea trout fishing. Further information on the shows (in English!) is found findes HERE, while the photographic inspiration is found HERE. Check the sections on "tropical fishing" and "temperate fishing".


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