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Travelling is not a question of being in as many countries as possible. It may look impressive when somebody claims that he/she has been to more than 50 or 70 or even more countries, however, please remember that plane tickets are awfully cheap these days compared to just 20 or 30 years ago. Travelling has become much easier, so don't be impressed by sheer numbers, as it's much easier than it used to be going country-hopping from one continent to the next. That way, you can actually visit all the capitals on earth within less than one year.

Still, for the ones loving to count, the list below represents the "countries I've been to" - for the time being 178 (out of 195 possible - The Vatican has been removed from the list) and more to come, I hope. In addition, bear in mind that a "country" could be anything from a couple of days in the micro states of Monaco or San Marino (seeing all of the country) to more than eight months in India, and still only seeing a tiny fraction of it! In my opinion, it's a bit more impressive that I have spent an accumulated time of about seven years with my backpack outside Europe - and an unknown number of years in Europe. Such a feat requires much more than just lots on money and plane tickets.

Once in a while, I get the question if I ever expect to visit all the countries in the world. The answer? I don't know. I don't expect to do so just as a principle, however, if I find a remote reason to go somewhere, I might go, and in the end, who knows, I might end up with all 195 countries on the planet. I'm in no hurry, but I seriously do want to go back to Central Africa. Uruguay and Mongolia are on the to-do list as well as are Central African countries like DR Congo, Cameroun and sao Tome . They will come, eventually, however, hardly all the 195. Time will show.

In addition, the lower table is a bunch of "overseas territories" which many people would like to call "countries" as well. Maybe they are, and at least some of the compete in the World Cup using their own flag, such as the Cook Islands, Scotland, Wales and American Samoa. It's all just to make the statistics happy. To the true traveller, this shouldn't make much of a difference.


Countries, regognized by UN (and the Travellers Guild of Denmark)
Asia Europe South America Africa
Afghanistan Albania Argentina Algeria
Armenia Andorra Bolivia Angola
Azerbaijan Austria Brazil Benin
Bangladesh Belarussia Chile Botswana
Bhutan Belgium Colombia Burkina Faso
Brunei Bosnia-Hercegovina Ecuador Burundi
Cambodia Bulgaria Guyana Cape Verde
China (Peoples Rep.) Croatia Paraguay Congo (Republic)
Georgia Cyprus Peru Djibouti
India Czech Republic Surinam Egypt
Indonesia Denmark Venezuela Eritrea
Iran Estonia   Ethiopia
Iraq Finland (Suomi) N./Central America Gabon
Israel France Antigua Gambia
Japan Germany Bahamas Ghana
Jordan Greece Barbados Guinée
Kazakhstan Hungary Belize Guinée-Bissau
Kuwait Ireland Canada Ivory Coast
Kyrgyzstan Iceland Costa Rica Kenya
Laos Italy Cuba Lesotho
Lebanon Kosovo/Kosova Dominica Madagascar
Malaysia Latvia Dominican Republic Mali
Maldives Liechtenstein El Salvador  Mauritania
Myanmar (Burma) Lithuania Grenada Mauritius
Nepal Luxembourg Guatemala Morocco
North Korea (DPRK) Macedonia (FYROM) Haiti Mozambique
Pakistan Malta Honduras Namibia
Philippines Moldova Jamaica Rwanda
Singapore Monaco Mexico Senegal
Sri Lanka Montenegro Nicaragua Seychelles
South Korea Netherlands (Holland) Panama  Sierra Leone
Syria Norway St. Lucia Somalia (Somaliland)
Tadjikistan Poland St. Kitts & Nevis Swaziland
Taiwan Portugal St. Vincent & Grenad. South Africa (RSA)
Thailand Romania Trinidad-Tobago South Sudan
Timor Leste Russia USA Sudan (North Sudan)
Turkey San Marino   Tanzania
Turkmenistan Serbia   Togo
Uzbekistan Schweiz Oceania Tunisia
Vietnam Slovakia Australia Uganda
Yemen Spain Fiji Zambia
  Sweden Kiribati Zimbabwe
  UK (England) Micronesia (Fed. R.)  
  Ukraine New Zealand  
    Papua Ny Guinea  
    Samoa (Independent)  
    Solomon Islands  


Overseas Territorries as defined by the Travellers Guild of Denmark
Asia Europe South America Oceania
Hong Kong
(UK, China)
Falkland Islands
Cook Islands
(New Zealand)
French Polynesia
(Portugal / China)
Montenegro (99-, Serbia-Montenegro)   Niue
(New Zealand)
  Easter Island
North Cyprus
  Guam (USA)
Northern Ireland (UK)   Hawaii (USA)
Vatican City (Int./Italy) North America /
Central America
Faeroe Islands
Canary Islands
    Cayman Islands
    Turks & Caicos



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