Articles and books


As an almost inevitable result of my travelling, a number of articles, photos and cartoons have been published in Danish and international magazines and papers, such as Politiken, Jyllandsposten, Fisk & Fri, Globen, Carp Hunters, Adventure World, Columbus and Skakbladet (all Denmark), Die Zeit and Fisch & Fang (Germany), Fiskejournalen and Schacknytt (Sweden), Alt Om Fiske (Norway), Asian Anglers World (Singapore), Cesky Rybar (Czech Republic), Feder Pesca (Spain), as well as a few books.

In addition, I have supplied photos to British Museum, Te Papa, the national museum of New Zealand(!) and National Geographic Channel, as well as to a number of catalogues, brochures, books and, of course, loads of web-sites on the Internet.

Most of the production has been dealing with sports fishing or chess, however, articles on "the noble art of backpacking" are on their increase, clearly reflecting the increase in tourism almost anywhere. In any case, due to my adventurous way of travelling, my articles and photos never deal with main-stream holiday resorts, but more likely with experiences far away from what we use to call "civilization".


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Apart from the photos and articles, I have authored one book, "Backpacker", published in the summer 2000. Written together with fellow traveller and angler Jens Bursell, the book can be regarded as a beginners guide to the noble art of backpacking.

Physically, Backpacker is divided into two parts: the first one dealing with all sorts of general problems, while the second discusses a number of specific regions, all very popular among backpackers - or they ought to be, at least. Unlike most other travel guides, Backpacker has chosen to watch the world through a microscope. Instead of counting the exact taste of the tomato soup in a particular restaurant in Beijing, or the number of cochroaches in a Delhi restaurant, we have chose to give a lot of and leave the details to the curious traveller.

Among the topics dealt with in the first part are:

prik Before departure: Where to go?

prik Packing the stuff
prik How to use a guidebook sensibly
prik Passports, embassies and visa
prik Personal safety. Crime and bus drivers!
prik Language - where to speak what
prik New customs and new dos and don'ts
prik Dress code
prik Traveling in Islamic countries
prik Food and health
prik How to deal with authorities, corruption and other official stuff
prik How to adapt to a new continent
prik Special hints for women travellers
prik How to cope with the inevitable beggars and touts
prik Off the beaten track - how to survive the raging elements

In the second part, you'll find detailed information on some of the most interesting regions of the world:

prik Nepal, India, Tibet, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and South-East Asia
prik East and West Africa
prik South America, Australia, New Zealand
prik Route planning. What to consider when chosing a route - and a few suggestions


Altogether, Backpacker comprises 176 pages - completely stuffed with excellent photos. If you like the photos on my web-page, chances are that you'll like the photographic selection in Backpacker as well. Honestly, I believe that, with respect to photos, it's one of the most beautiful book ever to be made in Danish. Take a look and judge for yourself, although you may have to take a stroll down to the library, as it's very likely to be sold-out in normal book stores.

Verdensfisker.jpg (15984 bytes)   My second book, "Verdensfisker" (i.e. "World Angler"), was originally meant to be published within 2004, but the lack of a publisher has caused indefinite delays. However, most chapters of the book har been written already and is bound to be printed soon - I hope!

Verdensfisker is what you can call an adventure-book on angling; entirely true, magic stories centered around sports fishing in several "exotic countries". Unlike most other books dealing with foreign angling, Verdensfisker is not just another selection of huge marlin caught off an expensive (or sponsored!) big-game boat or with an equally expensive fishing guide. Instead, it's a collection of very unlikely, but true stories picked up "on the road" while I have been hustling my way through the world, pursuing my "career" as a low-budget Third World sports fishing vagabond.

Despite the fact that below the surface, any lake or ocean is bound to contain 99% small fish, all the literature seem to focus on the comparatively few larger ones - and completely forget the colourful way to the water. Verdensfisker will be very different from that and among the angling I'll share with you are:

prik Beach fishing for the copper sharks of the Skeleton Coast of Namibia

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prik A five-year pursuit for the high-jumping tarpon of the Carribbean
prik Light tackle spinning for the Central American cichlids
prik Teaching an old Mujaheedin to fish in the center of Afghanistan
prik Trying to beat the African bureaucracy and catch a fish off the pirate filled coast of Somalia
prik The vicious tigerfish of Zimbabwe and Botswana
prik Wahoo, sharks and flying fish from Cape Verde
prik Huge rainbow trout from the New Zealand South Island
prik Snakehead fish from Lake Kenyir, Malaysia
prik Mahseer from the jungle of South India
prik Luring the shy bonefish of the crystal clear reefs of the Carribbean
prik Piranhas and catfish from the Pantenal of Western Brazil
prik Buddhist barbel from the remote highlands of Tibet
prik Fly fishing for the shy trout in Macedonia and Kosovo
prik Independent low-budget salmon fishing in Alaska
prik Fly fishing from the beach in Oman
prik Sturgeon in British Columbia
prik Dracula fish and electric eels in the jungle of Venezuela
prik Light-tackle big-game for the fantastic sailfish and dorados of Niue
prik Beach fishing for giant rays at Nevis Island, the Carribbean
prik .....and a little bit more

Compared to most other angling books, Verdensfisker is a bit unusual as it contains a lot of stories "away from the water". I never really understood why anglers go abroad and forget to enjoy the country they are in - apart from the rivers and lakes, that is, so in addition to the fish, you'll get a few stories experience on the way to the water. Click HERE for a photographic selection.


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