From Alaska to British Columbia


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North America's gotta be one of the most virgin places on Earth. Lots of nature, lots of goos fishing and very few people to disturb the silence.

This story starts off in Alaska where, on the small island of Kodiak (known for the largest grizzly bears on the planet), the September run of coho salmon is definitely worth a long detour. The coho is the second-largest of the five salmon of the Northern Pacific, and certainly one of the most beautiful. As all other salmon, they don't eat after entering their freshwater suicidal spawning mission, so it's a tricky kind of fishing where it's all about presenting the fly for the migrating, freshly risen, silvery cohos. A very worthy sport - especially when the weather behaves nicely.


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2.000 miles further down, al done by itch-hiking, the Fraser River at Vancouver is much less romantic and certainly much bigger. Huge and muddy and full of spawned-out salmon, this is nevertheless the place to go fishing for the big white sturgeon.

The Fraser fishing is heavy coarse fishing using salmon roe or "stink bait" as bait, and the sturgeon caught are fish in between 50 cms and more than 4 meters - if you are very unlucky! The biggest ones on this trip were about 150 kgs, which is quite decent, in particular because the sturgeons are jumping when hooked.

Great entertainment and not bad at all.


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